5 Quick Tips to Properly Use Beard Balm on a Daily Basis

There comes a point in every guy’s life when he realizes that simply allowing his beard to grow is not enough.  He needs to commit to a daily routine that enhances the health and style of his facial hair.  This involves the use of a dedicated beard comb or brush and the use of products specially formulated to provide both moisture and nutrients to the beard. 

One of the best products that you can use daily for your facial hair is beard balm.  But the key to getting good results from this product is using it properly.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a thick, almost wax-like product that is applied to the facial hair, preferably on a daily basis.  Ideally, it consists of a variety of plant-derived butters and oils that all offer nutritional value as well as moisture.  Beard balm can also be used to style or texturize the beard, thanks to its rich consistency.  Furthermore, beard balm can effectively tame frizz, smooth split ends, and enhances volume.

Tip #1: Get the Amount Just Right

The first key to using a beard balm is knowing the amount that’s ideal for daily application.  The thing is that there’s no single amount that’s right for every guy’s beard.  It all depends on your length, texture, thickness level, and style that you’re going for.  Therefore, it takes some experimentation to figure out how much you should apply each day.  Just be aware that using too much beard balm, which is a very common mistake, can leave your beard looking greasy and limp rather than healthy and luscious.

Tip #2: Combine it with Beard Oil

Beard balm is spectacular all on its own, but when combined with beard oil, you’re really enhancing your facial hair.  Apply your beard oil first, making sure that it absorbs completely into the beard as well as the skin.  Wait a minute or two before using your beard balm.  Together, these two products will really boost your beard’s moisture levels, as well as their nutrient levels.  Our facial hair needs a lot of moisture on a daily basis because it’s naturally prone to being dry.  Combining these products will ensure that your beard is moisturized enough to prevent split ends, frizz, cuticle damage, and dullness.

Tip #3: Massage it in Fully

Because of the thick consistency of beard balm, it’s important that when you apply it, you take the time to really work it deep into the facial hair and skin.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a greasy-looking beard, as the product is simply sitting on the surface of the beard.  It can take up to a minute to really get it massaged in, depending on the facial hair that you have.  But, massaging it in deeply is worth it as this will ensure that the product reaches the core of each hair, where it needs a lot of nutrients in order to look and feel it's very best.

Tip #4: Texturize for a Healthier Looking Beard

Ask almost any guy what type of beard they’d like to have, and they will tell you it’s one that’s thick, full and voluminous.  But, many men are born with finer, thinner facial hair that leads to a patchy, limp beard.  Well, that’s where beard balm can help.  Simply combing beard balm through the beard with your fingers can add texture to the facial hair that makes the beard look fuller, thicker, and more filled-in.  This is a great way to transform your beard instantly, giving the illusion that you were born with spectacular facial hair. 

Tip #5: Use it Last

If you have a fairly involved beard care routine or not, you should always use beard balm as the last step.  That’s because beard balm’s thick consistency seals off the individual facial hairs, which means that anything that you apply on top of it won’t sink in.  In other words, applying beard oil on top of your beard balm won’t give you as many benefits as doing it the other way around, because the beard balm will not let all of that beard oil truly get deep beneath the cuticles.  Besides that, beard balm doubles as a styling product, and so using it last will help secure that facial hairstyle so that it can last throughout the day.  Just remember to wash it out before applying more the next day to avoid buildup.

Get the Most Outta Your Beardoligst Beard Balm

Beard balm can take your facial hair to the next level, assuming you use it properly.  Follow these tips to make sure that your daily beard balm regimen truly improves the appearance and health of your beard. 




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