Our Story

Beardologist is the perfect collision of men's beard care and craft cocktails. The birth of the product came from a random evening out for drinks.  Picture this, a bearded beast, sitting at the bar top of his favorite speakeasy.  The bartender serves him a classic Old Fashioned.  As he takes his first sip, he sees a beautiful woman noticing him. He accidentally spills the cocktail in his beard.  The woman calls to him, "Hey, I like your beard." "You wanna smell it?" he replies.  She nears him, leans in for a whiff, then melts into his chest, "You smell delicious."

With the savory fragrance of the Old Fashioned cocktail now absorbed into his beard, it hits him – beard products that smell like craft cocktails. Not like alcohol, but like all the wonderful aromatics: Caramel, Citrus, Wood, Mint, Vanilla, Cherry and Orange. And Beardologist was born!



Founder and CEO, Kenneth Gray, is an entrepreneur that started out as a bartender with a passion for craft cocktails and abstract flavors. A quiet warrior with a zeal for the art of positively altering your day, your week, and beyond, Ken has subtly changed the face of the cocktail community anywhere and everywhere he's been. As a single father of three, Ken’s purpose is to teach them by example, to set out to do something, and to do it right – with intention.



Creative Marketing Director and Head of Production, Bobby Silva, has lived and worked in the Multi-media world producing content for over the last decade. Spreading the word far and wide for Beardologist and its newest products is his main goal.  A personal superhero to all of those around him, Bobby strives to create the best product and experience that our company has to offer.