Our Story

Beardologist is the perfect collision of men's beard care and craft cocktails. The birth of the product came from a random evening out for drinks.  Picture this, a bearded beast, sitting at the bar top of his favorite speakeasy.  The bartender serves him a classic Old Fashioned.  As he takes his first sip, he sees a beautiful woman noticing him. He accidentally spills the cocktail in his beard.  The woman calls to him, "Hey, I like your beard." "You wanna smell it?" he replies.  She nears him, leans in for a whiff, then melts into his chest, "You smell delicious."

With the savory fragrance of the Old Fashioned cocktail now absorbed into his beard, it hits him – beard products that smell like craft cocktails. Not like alcohol, but like all the wonderful aromatics: Caramel, Citrus, Wood, Mint, Vanilla, Cherry and Orange. And Beardologist was born!



Founder and CEO, Kenneth Gray, is an entrepreneur that started out as a bartender with a passion for craft cocktails and abstract flavors. A quiet warrior with a zeal for the art of positively altering your day, your week, and beyond, Ken has subtly changed the face of the cocktail community anywhere and everywhere he's been. As a single father of three, Ken’s purpose is to teach them by example, to set out to do something, and to do it right – with intention.




Director of Operations, Jason Roose, is an artist who also spent many years behind the bar creating elevated experiences for whoever crossed his path. Specializing in everything from street art to corporate branding, Jason was the perfect match to bring Ken’s vision of a unique, edgy, cocktail-inspired beard care line to life. With his new wife and three children by his side, his desire to create a product that they'd be proud of is unmatched.



Creative Marketing Director, Bobby Silva, has lived and worked in the Multi-media world producing content for over the last decade. Spreading the word far and wide for Beardologist and it's newest products is his main goal.  A personal superhero to all of those around him, Bobby strives to create the best product and experience that our company has to offer.



Director of Technology, Tristen Roose, has been working in Technology and Data Analytics for over 10 years. Her experience spans backend technical support, data management and compliance, front end analytics, and data-driven business insights.  A lover of beards (and cocktails), she aspires to ensure all the behind the scenes systems are running smoothly, so our bearded family can have the best possible customer experience.