How Much Beard Balm Should I Use for My Beard?

Most guys know that in order to enjoy a healthy, gorgeous-looking beard, they need to commit to using the right products on a daily basis.  More guys are making Beardologist beard balm especially, part of their daily regimen because of its ability to benefit the facial hair in such a wide variety of ways.  Beard balm seals in moisture, improves hydration, boosts nutrition, styles the beard, and keeps it looking tame, all with a little scoop of product. 

How Much Beard Balm Should You Be Using?

But how well your beard balm benefits your beard largely depends on how much you use each day.  Too much beard balm can backfire by weighing the hair down and making it appear greasy.  Too little beard balm simply won’t provide enough benefits to make a noticeable difference.  So, that being said, how much should you apply?  Well, the answer is that it depends. 

Factors to Consider

Allow us to break down these specific factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding how much to apply daily.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #1: Beard Length

A guy with a super short beard will clearly not need as much beard balm as a man who has a long, lumberjack-like beard.  We recommend that in the beginning, you apply a little bit at a time until the entire beard is properly moisturized with beard oil.  That’s because starting with too much is worse than starting with too little, as you can always add more, but you can’t take it off if you’ve applied too much without washing your beard and starting over.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #2: Beard Thickness

This refers to the natural thickness level that you’re born with.  If the hair on your head is thick, the hair on your face will be too.  Thicker beards require more beard balm per application because there’s simply more surface area to work with.  Therefore, bear this in mind when figuring out how much to use.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #3: Beard Texture

The texture of your beard is often confused with its thickness level, so allow us to explain the difference.  While thickness relates to the diameter of each hair strand, the texture relates to the density.  Those same rules do apply.  Coarser hair needs more product because denser hair simply means more hair that requires beard balm to look and feel its best.   

Beard Balm Usage Factor #4: State of Your Beard

Beard balm helps supply the facial hair and follicles with nutrients while supplementing moisture.  Therefore, the state of your beard can dictate how much product you need.  If your beard is particularly dry, for instance, then you’ll need more beard balm to compensate.  Similarly, if your beard is very high in moisture levels, and already looks great, you can get away with a little less product – lucky you.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #5: Style You Want to Achieve

Remember that beard balm is also a styling product, as its thick, butter-like consistency can help you style the facial hair in a particular way.  The style that you’re going for plays a role in determining how much product you need in order to pull it off.  Using beard balm to simply add some texture doesn’t require as much product as a guy who wants to make his beard all go in a particular direction, for example.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #6: The Rest of Your Routine

If you’re already using lots of moisturizing products, you can use a bit less beard balm.  If beard balm is your sole source of moisture for your facial hair, then you’ll need to use more product.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #7: Time of Year

You may find that you need different amounts of product at different times of the year.  For example, if you’re like most guys, your beard is drier during the winter. This is due to dry climate and the harsh winds, not to mention the fact that you’re running the heater all day which dries the air inside your home.  Similarly, if your hair gets frizzy in the summer as a result of humidity, you may need more product than usual to smooth things down.

Beard Balm Usage Factor #8: The Formula Itself

Yes, the quality of the formula also plays a role.  A higher-quality, more nutrient-rich product allows you to get away with less per application because each application is loaded with what your beard needs.

Beard Balm Can Truly Enhance the Health and Appearance of a Man’s Beard 

However, for it to work effectively, try to make sure that you apply the right amount.  Use this guide to figure out the amount that’s right for you and know that you may need to experiment a bit before figuring out what that right amount is.

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