Santa Talks Beardologist and Beard Maintenance

As families gather around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving, thoughts and conversation begin to shift toward the next, BEST and final holiday of the year:



Little kids scrawl their Christmas lists to put in the mail. parents haul box after box of decorations out of the attic, and before they know it, it’s time to pay a visit to that jolly man with the snow white beard who, because he loves all the children of the world, takes the time to appear in every mall and listen to the wishes of every child.

“Well, how can Santa be in multiple places at once? He’s Santa; he’s magic,” said Santa Claus — otherwise known as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, or simply Santa — when he stopped by Beardologist Headquarters for an exclusive interview.

"As one of the most iconic Bearded Celebrities in the history of Holidays, what is the hardest thing about keeping a great beard?"

"Ho ho! Cutting certain foods out of my diet — no wings and no marinara sauce! They stain the beard,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I stick to Milk and Cookies for the most part" 

Being Santa 24/7 is hard work, from beard maintenance to always carrying the weight of being the embodiment of Christmas. When he can find an off day, Santa will stroll around town incognito, wearing a hoodie and dark-rimmed glasses, perhaps observing who is being naughty and who is being nice.

"Beard Hydration is crucial" Say's Nick.  "When I'm flying up there on the sleigh it keeps my face warm, but all the wind and cold tends to dry out my skin" 

Well we've got a a perfect situation for that. Our interviewer slowly reaches into a stocking and pulls out a small 2x2 box and sheepishly hands it over to Father Christmas. 

"We at Beardologist wanted to give YOU a gift!" 

Santa opens up the Signature 4 Pack and opens up a Mojito. With a quick whiff he detects the Minty flavor and a grin lights up his face. 

"This is perfect!!" 



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