What to Get Dad for Fathers Day from Beardologist

What to get Dad for fathers day.... the age old question. Of course your Father will always appreciate the goofy tie or homemade card for his special Day, but sometimes it’s nice to throw in something extra special to make him feel appreciated. (BEARDOLOGIST!)

And what better year to do so after the stress of the past 18 months?

We’ve strung together some fun, innovative ideas that expand on the usual dad gifts to spark your creativity this year while shopping. Whether your dad is a Bearded Brethren like ourselves, a pizza king, a whiskey sipper, or just a regular guy who enjoys a nice accessory, keep reading to find just the thing he’ll want this year that says “I love you, Dad” at any budget. 

First and foremost on the list is the BEARDOLOGIST SIGNATURE 4PACK . The Beardologist Signature Line consists of 4 craft beard balms in .5oz travel size tins. The Old Fashioned Beard Balm, Manhattan Beard Balm, Mojito Beard Balm & Margarita Beard Balm. (You can also find it here on Amazon) 

Beardologist is  formulated with sunflower, sweet almond, and coconut oils to hydrate, soften and strengthen Dad's beard and moisturize the skin underneath. As well as Beeswax, which is rich in Vitamin A and not only hydrates the skin but also creates a barrier that locks in all of the benefits from all of the ingredients in this balm for the whole day. 
Beardologist Beard Balm combines the nourishing properties of a BEARD OIL with the shaping effect of a BEARD WAX letting Dad looks great and stay away fro the frizzies

Up next is The Mind Journal . Mindfulness and gratitude journals are hardly new, but many are geared toward women and thus contain flowery language and imagery that can be off-putting for men and other bearded folks looking to take stock of their daily feelings and presence.

MindJournal erases that discomfort by applying practical techniques and clean aesthetics to its useful cues and guided practices. Different pages provide different prompts and space to jot down how you feel, some intentions and achievements, and what you’re grateful for that day. Some unique features include: a signature check-in tool, three months of journaling, three stages of self-discovery, 30 exercises to bring you reduced stress, clarity, and improved focus.

Buy for the bearded dad in your life who needs a quick and easy way to feel less bombarded by the intensity of daily life to show him you love him and truly care about his well-being.

When it comes to great books for Dad AND something for the whole family comes from one of our favorite authors Kellen Roggenbuck in My Dad Has as Beard  (grab it here in Amazon) 

Kellen Roggenbuck is a pastor and author in Wisconsin. Born in Denver, he grew up outside Chicago in Oswego, IL. Now he writes and illustrates children's books, much to the enjoyment of his young son. This awesome book goes through all the types of beards that dads have, different styles, and the fun way kids enjoy their fathers scruffiness. 

Kellen also has several other fun kids books including Great Beards of History, and My Mom is Always Right .

Now we wouldn't be the #1 Craft Cocktail inspired Beard Balm company in the world with out our love for the drink so check out these Personalized Whiskey Decanters on Etsy


For the dad who likes to enjoy a drink at home sometimes, this personalized whiskey decanter is a fantastic option for rounding out his bar collection with style and panache. It goes perfectly with our Old Fashioned Beard Balms  You’ll receive the four glasses and decanter with a black box for gifting, so make sure you provide your own bottle of something tasty so Dad can use the gift!

Speaking of...

Mash And Grape has an incredible set of Whiskey's for just under $80.00 

Ask any Brooklynite who loves their whiskey (including the one writing this article), and you’ll hear plenty about the smooth, delicious options available from the local Kings County Distillery. This handsome gift set includes three flagship options: Straight Bourbon, Peated Bourbon, and Single Malt, all at an ABV of 45.0%. The bottles are beautiful and collectible, and they’ll arrive in an elegant display box.

Now if your Dad is anything like our Founders Ken Gray and Bobby Silva, he probably loves a good watch, and Original Grain has the perfect one for him. 

This watch is a show-stopper. The woodgrain inlay and rim made from reclaimed German beer barrels, stainless steel detailing, sapphire crystal glass, and a band mimicking all the best parts make it hard to stop staring at the exquisite craftsmanship, while the flawless movement and included warranty guarantee your money’s well spent.

Finally Dad's love Pizza. Of course they want to create their own incredible pies and Home Depot has this Oven for just under $200

Now here’s one to impress dad and all his guests, too: an outdoor pizza oven ready to provide that delicious, wood fired taste everyone loves in their pizza. It comes with a black metal stand, chimney and lava rock cooking stone, and an ember rake helps manage the coals inside. It fits neatly on your patio without taking up a tremendous amount of space (just 22.5 inches in diameter by 15.5 high), and the attractive tiling gives it an authentic Italian look.

What ever you get Dad for fathers day just remember that when you were little how much you were delighted when he ran the scruffy bristles of his unshaven face over your and said "WHISKERS!" while you giggled euphorically.

He deserves something fun and awesome for being the best dad and raising you in his own special way. So grab him some Beardologist for under $20, and show that guy how much you love him!! 



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