10 Reasons why Ladies Love Beards - A Beardologist Blog just in time for Valentines Day

The Bearded Man....the image of Masculinity. Is it something ingrained in our DNA over thousands of years of evolution? Or do women just like to feel a little scruff against their cheek as you go in for a kiss. 

Make sure that your beard is hydrated, clean and smells great with Beardologist craft beard balms and strap in for some pointers to why ladies love a bearded man! 

Recently it seems like facial hair for guys is becoming closer to the norm, or at least a relatively well-established trend. Men now sport everything from closely-cropped stubble to a long, wizard-like beard. However, the question remains: "do the majority of women really like men with beard?" or they actually don’t like the bearded guy at all!

Here are 10 great facts of why ladies prefer bearded guys.

1. Historically Speaking 

Throughout history, beards were associated with the wisdom that comes with age. Men with beards were considered potent, powerful and steadfast. This is why pharaohs had prominent fake beards and the most powerful deities in the Greek pantheon were represented with a hefty amount of facial hair.


2. Having a clean face

The immediate benefit of not shaving is getting rid of folliculitis. Acne and skin irritation are commonly caused by the bacteria spread when shaving, and nobody likes an irritated, itchy face!

3. A beard faithfully serves and… protects

Multiple studies conducted on women have concluded that a man with a full beard is considered a good protector and a better partner to start a family with.


4. Bearded men look older (in a good way)

Women like beards because they give the impression of an older man, blessing the wearer with more respect and social awareness.  It also enhances your jaw line and give the impression of maturity. 

5. The added touch of masculinity

Facial hair is a genetic proof of masculinity. The more facial hair an individual boasts, the more masculine he will be perceived. A fully bearded beast is generally looked upon as a tougher individual than his clean shaven counterpart. 

6. A beard scares away the competition

A fairly-sized beard gives the impression of a more prominent jawline. Studies have proven that bearded men appear more intimidating to other men.


7. Bearded men are more independent

The decision to grow a beard definitely proves you’re willing to stand up for your beliefs and take the beating for them. This is why women like beards the most!


8. Beards require commitment

Growing a mature beard is not easy and neither is getting one! Wether you are shooting for a Yeard or just growing some scruff, wearing a beard shows that you are well aware that good things require time and effort.


9. What it feels and Smells like 

And, reportedly, most women enjoy the feeling of a full beard when they get closer to it. Smelling a manly beard can either go two ways. It can smell fresh, clean and orignal if you are using some of Beardologist's Margarita balm, or stangely woody if you are using the other guys stuff. What ever you beard smells like it better be ready for her to snuggle up to. 


10. Finally remember first impressions matter

When you wearing a beard, you are likely to give a good first impression to the women you meet as a beard makes a man appear more trustworthy, as well as more authoritative, respectable and distinguished. 


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