Thinking of Growing A Yeard? Here Are Some Crucial Tips from Beardologist

Ah 2021. It's a New Year and we all feel like we are ready for a change. You may be thinking of shaving your beard. DON'T. You may be looking to purchase some new product and ditch the run of the mill stuff you have been using forever. Well check out our balms becasue we've got something unlike anything else out there. 

Aside from the shameless promotion, you may be thinking that this year is the year you grow a Yeard. If so let us guide you through it. 


Many men will make the decision to never shave again. Some may take it even one step further.  Not only are you never going to shave again, but you’re going to actively grow your beard out for the whole year. You will reach a place many men have only dreamed of – the glorious Yeard.  

So what exactly is a Yeard? It is is a full year of beard growth. The goal is to grow your beard for 12 months without shaving or excessive trimming. It takes commitment, smart grooming practices and of course time to reach the Yeard. 365 days of pure growth will set your beard just a hair above the rest. Beards at this length have reached a milestone and are of course much fuller and longer than any regular beard.


A lot of people have different opinions of men who grow out their beards to the longest of lengths. They believe that they will have to sacrifice overall looks and cleanliness to achieve the Yeard. But that is pretty far from the truth.

You can keep your beard looking clean, styling, and on point each day of your new Yeard journey. A beard that’s been grown out for a whole year has a distinguished look to it. You’re not playing in the minors anymore. It’s also a great starting point for a future of new styles and beard care regimens. You’re going to get a lot of looks and praise with this new Yeard. It’s definitely worth the time and effort. You can break down your year growth cycle into three chapters.

1. The Growth Stage 

Human hair grows around 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month. In men some beards may grow significantly faster or slower. There are a number of different factors that go into how fast your beard grows. The initial growth stage for your Yeard starts from day one to the first three to five months.

It’s at this point where you’ll face the ups and downs of the "infant stage" of your Yeard. Like raising a child it takes patience and effort. 

The new hair on your face might cause you to itch, patchiness occurs and you’re adjusting to the new idea of having a beard. Here is where Beardologist can help as our balms hydrate your follicles and promote thicker growth.  Some men never get rid of their stubble. Others opt for a full beard style after a few months of growth. By the end of this growth stage, you’ll be entering into new length territory. This is where some of the real fun begins.    

2. The In Between Stage

Anywhere from half a year on and you are in the midrange of Yeard growth. At this point your beard length has grown to cover your neckline and you can visibly see it's increased length. Also this is the time where you’ll begin to question if your beard growth has stalled. Beardologist can assure you – it definitely hasn’t. The trick is daily up keep and using a product that will help it grow. 

Around this time you may question if you want to take it all the way to the Yeard. A general rule of thumb is to wait one day per each month you’ve been growing your beard. Take a breath, drink some whisky, and remember you are on a year journey. 

3. The Final Strech

In  last few months leading up to the Yeard you will see your self as a full fledged bearded beast. This is the Final Level. Be ready to see a few inches of growth in those last few months. If you have started in the beginning of the year then enjoy the home grown face warmer.  But now comes the important part. For several months the idea has been to barely touch or trim the beard so you can reap the benefits of a full year of uninterrupted growth, don't forget though, you want to keep yourself looking fresh in each growth phase, and not like Forest Gump at the end of his run. 


Going through a yeard growth doesn’t mean you can’t upkeep your beard along the way. Here’s some staple grooming tips you should use.

  • Do not cut any hair growing vertically!
  • Trim stray hairs away with either clippers or scissors.
  • Figure out what beard oil and balm usage works best for you as your beard gets longer.
  • Trim your mustache it so it doesn’t grow over your upper lip.

Once you've hit the coveted year mark, your beard has entered into a new stage of its life. Now you can decide what you want to do with it. Hopefully it was an incredible experiment and you can trim it back down to size, or you can continue into the far reaches of bearded legend.

Whatever your choice is, it’s now time for some shaping.


To qualify for a genuine Yeard, you must have avoided any sort of massive trimming. Now you’re free to do as you please. Buy your beard a drink (maybe spill some in it for that great aromatic smell, hell that's how we got started), but remember not many men can claim this high and distinguished honor!

Here are your next steps for shaping for maintenance of a yeard.

  1. Shave down sideburns. Sometimes a full year’s worth of growth can put your sideburns into the crazy 18th century english look, and not in-line with the rest of your beard. Fade accordingly to match with your hairstyle.
  2. Even out and square up all areas of the beard. This where you can chop away below the neckline and even up with the hair that was growing from your chin.
  3. Groom and care for with the best Beardologist balms.
  4. Trim away stray hairs.
  5. Reap the benefits of your mature big Yeard. People will defiantly compliment you! 

Good Job and well done! You have made it and entire year and hopefully this helped you on how to grow your yeard.  Thanks for letting Beardologist give you some tips and pointers on your journey!

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